Thursday, June 30, 2016

Butter Side Down

Nick requested pumpkin cheesecake for his birthday. I have never made cheesecake before and a friend of mine sent me a pumpkin cheesecake bars recipe that didn't seem to complicated. 

But then Murphy's law happens and the saddest thing occurs. In slow motion (of course) the entire thing falls off of the counter directly onto the floor. You think that for a second, it's going to land right side up, so no harm done. But no. The rule is always butter-side down!

Fortunately, I was only halfway through making it. So I decided if the store two blocks from my house had cream cheese (the only thing I needed to get more of), I would continue to make the cheesecake. (And cream cheese there was cheaper than at the store I normally go to, so win!)
The final product
Sometimes life is when everything you're doing falls on the floor and is ruined. But you can still salvage it!

Happy end of June!

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