Tuesday, August 2, 2011

This side of July is so depressing

I cannot believe how quickly this summer has flown by. I seriously do not want to go back to school. I like my summer life. I like playing basically every day. I like my friends. I hate Provo. Ugh. My last few weeks in Chicago were a blast.

I saw the Windy City Rollers - Chicago's Women's Roller Derby Team.
Although "Bone Crusher" was on the other team, she was by far my favorite - mostly because her name is Bone Crusher and she looked like a bone crusher. (She is the woman in yellow falling down in this photo)
Some friends and I went to the Printer's Ball. This was to celebrate literature, but it was mostly so we could get our faces painted. I really think that the half-face zombie look was my best idea yet. It was fun to walk down Wabash and just get stares afterward.
The face paint a little closer. The guy who did it did a really amazing job. I had so much fun. We also got Chicago skyline prints that are pretty cool looking. I need to mat it and frame it. That will be my project in Provo.
I really wanted to Kayak the Chicago River, even though it's pretty disgusting. I convinced some friends to go with me, and we had a great time kayaking through downtown Chicago. So amazing!
I finally had some time to check out some museums. I went to the Adler Planetarium. Stars and space travel are pretty cool.

On my drive from Chicago to Detroit, my tire completely exploded on I-94. I pulled over and eventually changed my tire. I was hoping I could get AAA to do it, but I'm not a member, so they wouldn't come unless I signed up. Eventually, a couple of guys stopped to help me and tightened the bolts on the spare much better than I could have done. I made it home in one piece and promptly got a new tire the next day. All is well. Next week, I begin the journey to Provo. Luckily my mom will be with me, and she's a AAA member, so no worries there.

I'm still looking for a job anywhere (preferably not in Utah), so if you know anyone who would be excited to hire an entry level attorney, please contact me! I would love a job.

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HollBurd said...

Chicago looks like a blast! Oh, and by the way, you make an awesome half zombie :) You should maybe consider that as your career, rather than a boring old attorney.