Saturday, July 20, 2013

I can has cheezburger

As funny and as cute at the "lol cats" are, it's officially official. I am allergic to cats.

I'm a little grumpy, too
I already knew I was allergic to cats, so I mostly avoid them. But today, I learned that no really, Melanie, you're allergic to cats, and without proper medications, you should not be around them

You remember Hitch after eating shellfish?

Mirror image of my face after allergic reaction to cats
Well that is what I look like right now. Except I'm not as handsome as Will Smith. And my eyes turn blue when they are completely red from cat dander. My right eye is also basically swollen shut.

When I walked into the CVS, both of the store clerks stopped immediately in their tracks. They asked me if I was okay. I explained that I had a severe allergic reaction to cats.

They didn't really need any explanation. My face speaks for itself.

One of the clerks took me to the allergy medicine aisle and was explaining all the different medications to me. I told her that I had to drive an hour to get home. So she sent me on my way with some medicine that I could take immediately and some medicine that would knock me out (still waiting) so I could "sleep off" the allergic reaction.

Then I went to the gas station. Since it wasn't reading my credit card, I went inside. The attendant turned to look at me and literally took a step backward. I have leprosy people. People are fleeing from me. I need my own island of exile.

Let's hope the swelling goes down and I can stop my eyes from watering constantly...


Amanda said...

Yikes! Bless your little heart!


Marti said...

I need my own island of exile. Hahaha! Remember Guadalupe in Palma who had cat hair all over her apartment? The sneezing and the streaming eyes?

Melanie said...

Oh Marti, that was NOTHING compared to this allergic reaction. At Guadalupe's, I was just sneezing. Maybe some teary eyes.