Monday, July 29, 2013

Melanie Rants: Standing Ovations

I know I'm already a crotchety old woman because I hate everything about young people. And about annoying people. Let's face it - a lot of things annoy me. I'm 26 going on 105.

One thing that totally bugs me is the overuse of standing ovations. A standing ovation is supposed to be used for extraordinary performances of particularly high acclaim. EXTRAORDINARY! Not the typical "well that was enjoyable." If I'm at a performance, I need to look like this to give a standing ovation:

I hate it when a few people stand up and then pressure everyone else to give a standing ovation when it doesn't merit it. Just because someone holds a political office or they completed a musical performance that does NOT mean they should receive a standing ovation. Please remember, this is for extraordinary performances. Beyond just being there and speaking or performing a piece of music.

I don't know why this bugs me so much, but it does. But at least you know if I give you a standing ovation, I really mean it. 

Maybe I'll just start giving standing ovations for special musical numbers in church. I like to defy social norms there... 


Elizabeth Downie said...

Ugh, I get really irked by standing O's too. Soooo annoying! I've rarely done one organically. I've always been pressured!

Amy said...

Haha, I feel the same way! And I'm always the awkward one at concerts who is sitting while everyone else is standing, even though I enjoyed the performance just fine. Fortunately Brian feels the same way, so at least now I'm not sitting by myself :).

rky84 said...

I know I'm late to your comment, but wanted to chime in. I, like you, am tired of so many standing ovations. I, sit and applaud, but will occasionally stand just so I can see!

BG said...

I'm also late to this, but it bothers me too, just in a different setting. I'm not as bothered by theatrical standing ovations as I am the ones you see on daytime TV.

Dr. Oz or Steve Harvey walks onto the stage, and the audience jumps to their feet like a bunch of trained seals. It's ridiculous.